Empiros Oy is a knowledge intensive business service company.
We offer research, consulting and training services
for the private and public sectors.

We specialize in leadership and knowledge management issues.
Also marketing and marketing communications are our field of experience and expertise.

We actively co-create novel solutions to complex issues our clients are dealing with. All of our services are based on the latest findings of current academic research.

Our clients benefit from this leading edge knowledge and apply it in innovate ways.
We have a highly specialized ability to filter the most useful information from the best research worldwide and translate it into useful and practical models for organizations.

We are passionate about developing profitable cooperative networks of small to medium size businesses especially in the social and health care sector.
It is urgent that SME’s unite if they are to survive in competition with the large internationally based conglomerates in health care.

We believe that it is vital for a healthy economy and business environment to have a diverse base of businesses. If the locally based services disappear, the consequences to our economy in the long term can be catastrophic.

Empiros was founded in 2010 and located in Tampere, Finland.
We are proud to partner with companies big and small with our highly educated and experienced team.